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Alcoholic drinks

In the field of labels and packaging for alcoholic beverages, the high cost of the final product and the active competition of brands opens up opportunities for the most daring design ideas and printing solutions. In the course are expensive materials, methods of finishing, a combination of various technologies, the use of the latest technical developments.

An important issue is the protection of products from counterfeiting, for the solution of which various elements are being introduced into the packaging elements, both non-standard and well-proven in the fight against counterfeit.

Do not forget about ensuring the mechanical and chemical resistance of printed images. The product must maintain an impeccable presentation all the way from the bottling plant to the store shelf.

In the case of recycled packaging, it is important to provide for easy removal of the label during processing.

We offer a range of solutions that allow you to make a label and high-quality packaging that meets all the requirements of manufacturers of alcoholic beverages: