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Health and beauty

Substances contained in household and automotive chemicals can be very aggressive in relation to the materials of their packaging, this should be taken into account when creating a new product and conduct extensive testing of materials for compatibility. It is desirable to provide additional protection for the printed image by additional varnishing with a chemically resistant lacquer or by applying a laminating film.

It should be remembered that labeling elements that ensure consumer safety must be carried out clearly, in order to be accessible to people with visual impairments. In practice, this means the need to use technology that allows you to implement this requirement, for example, the method of screen printing or stamping.

The complex material of the container and the aggressive nature of the product itself are forcing manufacturers to look for an alternative to self-adhesive labels based on acrylic glue. In the course are materials with enhanced types of glue, as well as fused, tubular and shrink labels.

We offer a range of solutions to make high-quality labels and packaging for soft drinks: