B2PRINT - equipping printing houses with equipment, components and consumables

Installation and commissioning

Modern printing equipment is a high-tech production complexes that require highly skilled personnel during installation and commissioning. We offer services of certified specialists for the implementation of these procedures. All equipment and equipment supplied by us are accompanied by our engineers, who will install in a short time with high quality and with all the conditions prescribed by the manufacturer.

Our specialists have extensive experience in installation and commissioning throughout the Russian Federation and CIS countries. They regularly undergo training and advanced training courses at manufacturers of equipment and software, which allows them to work confidently with the most modern and sophisticated models of printing machines.


Installation is carried out in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer of the equipment. The duties of the buyer include site preparation for installation, provision of all necessary communications and engineering systems, as well as the provision of loading and unloading equipment. Our experts are ready to conduct an audit of the pre-installation work to ensure the quality of installation and ensure the high performance of the equipment in the future.

Installation of equipment, depending on its complexity and scope of work, can take from one day to several weeks. The specific date of installation is specified in the supply contract. We provide high quality and optimum installation time.

Commissioning works

Properly assembled equipment is put into operation after the complex of works on setting up all the components and a series of test starts. This stage is necessary to ensure the effective operation of each of the elements of the equipment and their optimal interaction with each other, taking into account the specific operating conditions and the specifics of the intended production.

Qualification of engineers of our technical service allows you to carry out commissioning work in a short time, while achieving the equipment performance characteristics prescribed by the manufacturer and ensuring high quality of products.