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Printing (from the Greek. Poly - a lot and graphía - to write) - is the process of creating a plurality of real copies of the original image associated with the application of the coloring matter on the material. Over the centuries of its existence, mankind has invented a variety of ways to solve this problem. The fact is that information or decor can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces and materials, require high or low detail, be mono- or polychrome, have different characteristics for resistance to fading, abrasion and exposure to chemicals, produced in large or small quantities and t .P. All this predetermined the division of printing technology into several areas that are best suited for different applications.

In addition to the actual printing, the printing production cycle also includes the form process and postpress. To obtain a quality finished product, it is necessary to adhere to strict rules and apply proven components at all stages of the production cycle.

We supply equipment, consumables and components for the main printing technologies used in the manufacture of labels, containers and packaging. In more detail with each of them can be found by clicking on the appropriate link: