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Offset printing

Offset printing is a printing technology in which the printing and whitespace elements are located in the same plane, and the image is transmitted through an intermediate cylinder, i.e. the material does not contact directly with the printed form (hence the name of the technology, derived from the English off-set, i.e. "without contact"). This technology has been actively developed over the past decades and, without exaggeration, it can be said, has become the most massive in the market of printing services. Excellent quality, high printing speed, the ability to produce large print runs and get at the same time the minimum unit cost of production - all this predetermined the popularity of offset technology, primarily for the production of newspaper and magazine products, as well as printing books, advertising materials and so on. In the label and packaging industry, offset is inferior in prevalence to other technologies, but it always demonstrates high quality and low production costs for long runs. The technology of dry or so-called stands apart. Tipoofset, in which the image on the offset cylinder is created using embossed printing plates.

For offset technologies in the production of labels, containers and packaging, we offer: Low migration UV inks for standard printing Rubber fabric for offset printing

We offer screen lacquers and paints produced by Ruco (Germany), intended for the manufacture of labels, containers and packaging using both flat and rotary printing.